When your application demands versatility & responsiveness, SCR comp variable speed drive air compressors deliver.

If your requirement for compressed air varies, our SCR Comp variable speed drive oil injected screw compressors allow you to save money and gain control by producing  an output which exactly matches the demand: no more wasted energy. Built using branded European parts, the SCR Comp range of variable speed drive air compressors can be purchased on line today at the very best possible prices, saving you both money and energy. You pay only for the energy you actually require. Over the life-time of the air compressor this can equate to a vast saving.

5 year parts and labour warranties are also available on these items, as is an installation & commissioning service. This makes purchasing your new SCR Comp VSD oil injected screw compressor not only cost effective and simple, it ensures that the unit can be installed, set to work and fully serviced for the length of its (considerable) working life. Call for details now on: 0141 812 3222, or contact us for further details on our service contracts, or to enquire about units of 75kw and over. Read more on variable speed drive air compressors.

For variable speed drive enquiries please contact EDC (Scotland) Ltd or visit our web site at

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